Mantra for Today #2

Letting go is simply accepting the things that have been going on without questioning God’s will.

When things don’t go as you planned, just let go and let God. He has a better plan for you. And yes, the universe will always be in your favor.



Mt. Maculot – My Mother Mountain

This is a copy-paste blog entry from my previous blog site – ieatstarsandrainbows – where I used to write my travel notes. Revision has been made.

February 28, 2015

It started with a friend’s invite.

One of my closest friends, Elai, invited me to go on a day hike with her and her friend, Sam. Thinking that it’d be my first day hike, I didn’t hesitate to join.The date was already set before they invited me and Sam made the itinerary days before the hike. So, everything was set. All I had to do was follow everything. I spent the night before the hike at Elai’s house, thinking that it’d be easier for me to travel with them than to meet them at the jump-off. That sleepover was almost considered as a side-trip. I didn’t foresee that Elai’s house was farther than I expected. Take note: I traveled during the evening ‘til midnight. It was thrilling and fun, though.

I woke up with tired eyes and sleepyhead the next morning. Our itinerary stated that we should be on our way by 3 AM. At exactly that time, we just woke up! Basically, we’re behind our schedule.From Cavite City, where Elai lives, we rode a bus going to Buendia. From there, we were supposed to ride a bus going to Lemery, Batangas but unfortunately, the first bus already took off a few minutes before we arrived.The bus staff offered us an alternative route, instructed that we could take the bus (that was going to leave anytime soon) going to Lipa via Tambo Exit, and we could ride the Jeepney going to Lemery.We didn’t have any choice so we immediately hopped in.

From Tambo Exit, we took a jeepney going to Lemery and alighted at Cuenca where our jump-off was. We left Cavite City at 4 AM and arrived at the jump-off around 8 AM. We started hiking at 8 AM. Before going to the jump-off, you have to register and leave one ID from your group. Sam was the one who left her ID. Then, each would have to pay PHP 20 at the registration counter. A guide is required before ascending. Rates differ depending on the path you choose to take and the number of the members per group. In our case, we were three and we chose to traverse the mountain, and that cost us PHP 1000.

Our local guide was Kuya Pepe. There were two other hikers who went first. They thought they could do some “morning walk” up the mountain without a guide. Though they were locals and familiar with the path, the officials still required them to have a tour guide. So, that’s how they ended up joining our group. They were friendly and quick. I forgot their names, though.

Maculot 1

Our team warming up!

Maculot 2

Maculot 3

I believe this is a dried-up river.

Maculot 4


On the first “pit stop”, we saw this. She sells Buko Juice. You’ll be surprised to see more of this up the mountain.





Courtesy of seventhousandstars. 🙂


His name was Jack. He’s the only dog I saw along the whole traverse. He’s so friendly and knowledgeable about modeling. 🙂


Proof! Haha. He looks at the camera!


The view from the campsite.


The view before climbing up the famous Rockies!


Taken by seventhousandstars. 😉


Kuya Pepe’s one great shot!



The Rockies Beauty






Photos taken by our guide, Kuya Pepe, using seventhousandstars phone.


This is our guide – Kuya Pepe – who fearlessly takes photos of his guests.

Part II

By around 12 NN, we reached the summit. We stayed for a while to enjoy the pleasure of resting and eating a few snacks. After all that preparation, we started to descend.

Descending was thought to be much easier but we were tired and our knees started to get weak so, we had a rough time. Good thing, Kuya Pepe carried my backpack. Of course, I was hesitant to ask him a favor but I would get injured if I kept carrying that heavy backpack of mine. Besides, Kuya Pepe quite insisted and told me that it was way lighter than the ones he already brought (his own, not from other hikers).

A little story about Kuya Pepe. 

His real name is Christopher and he is a newbie when it comes to guiding hikers. He have climbed a lot of mountains already including Mt. Pulag, I think. He told us that he could hike Mt. Maculot for 30 minutes up to the summit and descend for 15-30 minutes. I don’t know what kind of bones he had but it’s impressive. I believed him because he’s fit and his shoes were made for hiking. He said he took basic photography classes aside from training in Philippine Red Cross. He told us what and what not to eat in the mountain, the importance of helping one another and other sorts. We forgot to ask why the mountain was named “Maculot”, though.


Flora along the trail


As we descended, there were paths that required rappelling. This was taken at the first path which was less steep.


I learned rappelling from my P.E. class back in college. So, I found this activity fun and thrilling! After several years, I finally got to use what I learned from school! Yay!


While Sam and Elai were rappelling down, I waited at the top and asked Kuya Pepe to take a photo of me. Hehe.


Then, he took a photo of me while really doing the thing. Lol.


This was the path where we needed to crawl really down low.


That mutual feeling of exhaustion. We decided to stop for a while at the edge of the mountain!



Passed by the Grotto before finally reaching the finish line! Photo courtesy of seventhousandstars.


Smiling through the pain. *Physical pain*


Looking back on what we just hiked. What a satisfying feeling!


After 8 hours, we finally got back to the jump-off, me with sore thighs, Elai with emotionless face and Sam with torn shoes. We took a tricycle going back to the jump-off. After resting, we took a bath. Yes, there were restrooms you can use to take a bath for PHP10.

We’re supposed to head to the nearest “Bulalo” carinderia afterwards but we failed to find one. So, we ended up eating Lomi and Chami, still local delicacies. We headed back home by riding a bus going to Buendia. We were lucky to spot one while waiting outside the eatery. I arrived home safely and with complete and tired body parts.

Budget: PHP1000/head


Buendia to Tambo Exit: P126

Tambo Exit to Cuenca: P22

Tric from Shell Gas Station to Jump-Off: P20

Tric going to Jump-Off: P35

Jump-Off to Highway: P20

Cuenca to Banay-Banay: P15

Bus going to Buendia: P126

Registration: P20/head

Guide: P1000/group of 5; extra charge for an excess member.

Yes, we took a lot of detour but it was still cheap. I’ve traveled and hiked on a shoestring budget!

‘Til the next adventure! 😉



Mantra For Today #1

You can only become happy when you decide to be happy.

Happiness is everywhere. It’s up to you to whether smile over something trivial or frown over the usual.

Happiness is within you. 

Choose happiness everyday… always.


Faith is Our Escape

I believe there’s always an escape from everything.

If you haven’t experienced being engulfed by the abyss of loneliness and fear, then darling, don’t you even fantasize about it. It’s dark and cold in there. It’s a massive blackhole no one can ever get out.

There comes days, weeks or even months in my life where I can’t put my life together. During these days, I may be walking, talking, smiling and functioning well but deep inside of me, I’m dying. It may be cliché but that came to be true to me and, I think, to some people around the world.

Dying inside is never easy. It never will be. When you feel it, you’re like a living mannequin – everything you do is superficial. People may see you doing the chores perfectly, giving nice conversation to everyone around you, laughing at the simplest jokes, functioning like a normal human being. At least, that’s how people see you. This only means you’re doing great at concealing all the scars you’re having as you fight alone against the torment of your anxious mind, as you zealously swim against the current of torture and pain your mind creates, as you shiver in fear as the storm hits you right on the spot and you’re helpless.

Yes, that’s how it feels.

You fight the battle no one knows about and it goes on as the minutes turn to hours and hours turn to days and days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months, and God forsake it, hopefully, those months won’t turn into years.

I wonder how others survived the years of this war with themselves. Does anyone survive it at all?


It’s been so dark out there in the abyss and unbelievably cold. It seemed like light would never reach me and heat would not come unto me. I was shivering with tears in my eyes and cold sweats come rolling down my skin. I was confused, dizzy and, maybe, hallucinating. At the back of my mind, my thoughts danced with a hopeful blaze coming from nowhere. 

My eyes lit up as the flame my thoughts had danced with was glowing brighter and growing stronger. My soul felt the warmth of an unexplained embrace from a being no one sees but only feels. My knees started to gain strength as I stood up and danced along with the back of my mind and the fire that kept on burning. I stood up and walked around as the cold sweat humidified. I started to hum familiar songs that lifted my soul. The confusion faded and half of my mind was set into following an unknown path which felt so warm and kind – an unknown path filled with faith. Faith – a word that vanished from me for a while and had been brought back by the fire.

As I followed the path, I began to contemplate on the possibilities. I began to imagine rainbows, sweet smiles and sunrises. I ran into the path where darkness ceased and the warmth clasped me as if never letting me go. The path, I never thought would come, showed itself in front of me. It started with the back of my mind.

I, then, escaped from the chasm of loneliness after weeks of despair. I never thought I could make it but I did. I survived the agony.

And from then on, I believed that there’s always an escape from everything. We may not know it rationally but we tend to hold on to what we don’t see but feel – and it’s called faith.

Faith is our escape from everything.


What’s New?

Aside from this personal blog, I guess there are a few new things from me:

  1. I dyed my hair with the tone I never thought I would have – Golden Ash Blonde.
  2. After two years of working in the hospital, it was my first time yesterday to get a medical certificate and to be sent home during my shift. Yes, I was unbelievably sick yesterday. I got 4 days of sick leave with consent from the company doctor.
  3. Lastly, I just turned my back on the things I can’t control. Don’t want to elaborate on this, though.